Equipment with Experience, LLC (eWe) offers remediation equipment with knowledge and service. Our company focuses on providing remedial equipment, solutions, and services to environmental consultants.

Implementation of Short and Long Term Remedial Strategies
eWe will partner with consultants in the design and implementation of cost effective short term remedial strategies such as episodic remediation, chemical oxidation, and ozone injection.
  • Pilot Testing – Air sparge, soil vapor extraction, Multi-phase extraction and pump tests
  • Episodic Remediation – Short Term AS/SVE or MPE/AS Events
  • Injection of oxidizers such as calcium peroxide, ozone or the injection and circulation of approved enzymes and microbes.

Remedial Systems for Lease or Short Term Events
eWe owns and operates a fleet of mobile and skid mounted remedial equipment -
  • Over pumping events
  • Short term remedial events
  • Long term leasing
  • Bioinjection and insitu remedial events

Remedial System Installation and Operation/Maintenance
  • Trenching, piping, concrete slabs, fencing for compounds
  • Hookup of equipment to wells on site
  • Monthly O&M for all types of remedial equipment

New Equipment Sales/Service/Support
eWe offers new remedial equipment manufactured by H2K Technologies -
  • Diffused aerators
  • Low Profile Air strippers
  • AS/SVE Systems
  • Controls
  • Oxidizers
  • Carbon treatment systems