Tom Twitmyer Eductaion / Training
B.A., Geology, 1986, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado
OSHA 40 Hour Training, Annual 8 Hour Refresher
National Groundwater Association - Short-Course: Analysis and Design of Aquifer Tests

Registration / Certification
Professional Geologist: Florida, No. 1742, Alabama, No. 0463

Mr. Twitmyer is a founding member of Equipment with Experience (eWe) and a registered Professional Geologist with 18 years of experience in the environmental business. He is experienced in all phases of contamination assessments, remedial system design, implementation of remedial action plan and site closures. He has assisted clients with numerous tasks associated with soil/groundwater remediation, pilot test design, selecting proper remedial strategies, groundwater treatment, equipment sizing and system installation.

  • eWe Member - Mr. Twitmyer has responsibility for all sales, service and client support performed by eWe. This includes proposal preparation, project management, subcontracting and successful completion of all eWe work.
  • Remediation and Mobile Treatment Technology - Mr. Twitmyer developed and implemented a program that utilized mobile equipment to cost-effectively remediate dozens of sites to No Further Action levels throughout the state of Florida. The mobile treatment units applied air sparging, vacuum extraction, dual phase extraction, and bio-enhanced remediation technology using a series of short treatments. Since then, Mr. Twitmyer has expanded the program and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection is now using the technology at State contracted sites.
  • Regulatory Support - Mr. Twitmyer has dealt extensively with regulatory agencies and has an excellent track record with clients in dealing with regulatory issues and requirements. He has gained "No Further Action", "Site Closures", and "Contamination Assessment Report" approvals for a variety of contaminated sites. He has also been responsible for collecting nearly one million dollars in reimbursable costs from state regulatory agencies.
  • Mr. Twitmyer evaluated several permitting and regulatory compliance issues at Allen’s Family Foods to address air quality issues, risk management plans and process safety. He prepared documentation and plans for implementing the EPA and OSHA programs.
  • Geologic Investigations and Field Services - Mr. Twitmyer has implemented and performed various tasks and techniques associated with surface and subsurface hydrogeologic and geologic investigations for Houston-based energy clients throughout Florida including the Key West area. He has supervised monitoring well, recovery well, air sparge and vapor extraction well installation by mud-rotary, hollow-stem auger, sonic, and direct push methods. He is qualified to perform all types of soil and groundwater sampling. He has analyzed and performed extended aquifer pumping, air sparge soil vapor extraction and multi-phase extraction pilot tests, as well as slug and percolation tests to define aquifer characteristics.
  • Contamination Studies - Mr. Twitmyer has served as a project manager for commercial clients in the petroleum industry and phosphate industry, as well as state and local regulatory agencies. He has performed considerable work as a field geologist and project manager throughout Florida. He is experienced in managing all phases of contamination studies and remedial activities at both hazardous and non-hazardous sites. Mr. Twitmyer's diverse background in the environmental field, combined with his astute project management skills, enables him to provide quality customer service in a timely manner.
  • Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments - Mr. Twitmyer is a project geologist with experience in the evaluation and preparation of Environmental Site Assessments. His background includes Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments at a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial sites in Florida, Texas, and Missouri including work at Preston Trucking Company Sites. Mr. Twitmyer has a diverse background in on-site data collection programs. He has supervised and performed the placement of permanent and temporary groundwater monitoring wells, soil and groundwater sampling, ground-penetrating radar studies, and the development of monitoring well networks to find and define the potential for on-site contamination and liability.
  • Remedial System Installation and O&M Management - Mr. Twitmyer is an experienced site construction manager overseeing the installation and on going maintenance of soil and groundwater remediation systems. He has overseen the installation and construction of a variety of remedial systems using state-of-the-art technologies throughout Florida. Mr. Twitmyer has developed a strong working knowledge of remedial system construction and maintenance and is able to communicate effectively with construction and engineer crew personnel. He has worked at sites from Delaware to Florida.

Publications / Presentations
  • "Episodic Remediation", Presented at the Annual Florida Department of Environmental Protection Tank Conference, St. Petersburg, FL (2004).
  • "Air Sparge and Soil Vapor Extraction Pilot Test Design and Implementation", Presented at the Presented at 9th Annual Florida Remediation Conference, Lake Mary, FL (2003).
  • "Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Sites Using Short-Term Episodic Air-Sparge & Soil Vapor Extraction Treatments", Presented at 8th Annual Florida Remediation Conference, Orlando, FL (2002).
  • "Episodic Remediation – Four Case Studies", Presented to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Tallahassee, FL (2002).