EWE offers top of the line remediation equipment with experienced personnel. Utilizing EWE offers the following advantages:
  • Large fleet of 15 Mobile Treatment Trailers
  • Experienced personnel to set up and run equipment
  • Several leasing options to fit your needs
  • Approved FDEP rates
  • On-site service of the equipment
  • Professionals that can design and implement your remedial pilot test or short-term remedial project

Advantages of Pre-Construction Pilot Testing:
  • Optimize equipment and flow rates for site specific parameters
  • Better remedial design
  • Shorter cleanup time
  • Reduced capital expense

Advantages of Short-Term Leasing of Remedial Equipment:
  • Aggressive remediation
  • Reduce capital expenses
  • Limited construction
  • Minimal impact to site operations
  • Use of existing monitoring wells for remediation
  • Little or no permitting

Trained personnel can also assist with the data collection and sampling as needed. EWE’s trailer mounted Multi-Phase Extraction systems combine free-product, groundwater, and soil vapor extraction capabilities into a single mobile unit. The fluid vac system greatly increases the removal of groundwater and product in low permeability soils. The trailer configuration makes it ideal for completion of pilot tests as well as the implementation of short-term clean up programs at multiple sites using the same equipment.