In February 2006, Equipment with Experience (EWE) was formed as a response to an external need for expertise in remedial equipment sales, service, design and operation. EWE designs, builds, owns and operates a fleet of fully integrated pilot test and remediation trailers. EWE’s fleet of mobile remediation trailers have the capability of performing air sparging, vapor extraction, bioventing, multi-phase extraction, ozone or peroxide injection and water or air treatment. EWE’s staff of engineers and technicians has more than 30 years of experience designing and operating remedial systems and has performed more than 300 pilot tests and short-term remedial events throughout the southeastern US. EWE’ services include new/used equipment sales, service, support along with system trouble-shooting operation and maintenance assistance, pilot testing, short-term remedial events and short/long-term leasing of equipment.

EWE is unique in the equipment business for the following reasons; first experienced operators are involved in the sales, setup, startup, operation and maintenance of the remedial equipment. This helps insure proper installation, operation and system performance. Secondly, EWE personnel share their knowledge of equipment use and remedial techniques to aid their clients in selecting the best remedial strategy for their site. EWE uses its fleet of equipment to test the remedial strategies in the field using self powered pilot test equipment. Our job is to help clients determine the effectiveness of the chosen remedial strategy prior to full scale implementation thus saving clients money with efficient well designed remedial systems.